Find Reasons to Smile

There is no doubt that no matter where you are when you read this, you are aware of the current pandemic. It is a time of uncertainty and confusion for all. Times like these tend to bring out the best (communities shopping for their elderly) and the worst (selfish shopping and empty supermarket shelves) in people.

I don’t want to linger on COVID-19. Unfortunately, it cannot be avoided because we need to be updated with the facts by the authorities, and it will inevitably have to be mentioned. But today’s post is not about that. I want to focus on finding reasons to smile.

At the start of the year, I turned my empty Olivia Blake candle into an “achievements jar”. I have been adding any successes to it whenever something subjectively good happens, no matter how small it seems. I started doing this because there are some years where I have reached 31st December and wondered, “Did I achieve anything this year?” I may not have accomplished all of my main goals, but there were definitely minute things that made me smile. I have a bad habit of forgetting something has happened if I don’t have anything physical to commemorate it. Thus, the need for an “achievements jar” to put an end to any ungratefulness that tries to arise come the end of the year.

This is just one thing I am doing to create good memories this year, despite the turn it has swiftly taken in the first three months. Why not do the same, so that you can look back on all the good things that will happen during 2020?

I keep seeing a post on Instagram that says “2020 is still my year, faith over fear.” I couldn’t agree with this more! Like many of you, I have also determined that the first 366 days of this new decade will be great, and I must commit to this mentality. Despite all the negativity escalating, 2020 is neither over nor cancelled and we shouldn’t be so quick to confess such gloom, especially as our words have power.

I think now, more than ever, it is important to focus on the positive and provoke it. Keep track of the good times and don’t allow the chaos to create fear. Find reasons to smile.

Stay safe, be considerate and most importantly, keep the faith.

Mich x


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