What I Will Be Doing During Lockdown

By now, you are aware that the UK is on lockdown. We are all trying to adjust to this new and unfamiliar time, where our movement is very restricted. I don’t know about you, but it is in moments like this that I appreciate all the simple things we often take for granted, like brunch with friends, quickly popping to the shop or even being able to go to church.

Lockdown is unchartered territory for many of us, and while we are all in the same boat, how we get through this period will be different to our neighbour. We all have our own routines that work well for us so, I will be sharing what I will be doing during this lockdown.

This isn’t new to me, as I base my life on the Word of God. I have made it a habit to prioritise meditating on the Bible and speaking to God before I do anything else. That means before I pick up my phone to scroll through Instagram or check messages on Telegram chats. It is so fulfilling, and I always experience strength and peace from starting my day this way.

When the New Year begins, I am always motivated to get my work out on. In previous years, I joined the gym but ended up cancelling my membership. Going to a physical gym hasn’t worked for me because I was always too tired to make the journey there after work and back home, no matter how much my brain told me it was good for me. So, at the start of 2020, I didn’t bother to kid myself that this time I would stay committed to a gym, but decided to faithfully work out at home instead; good ol’ home, where YouTube is free and I can huff and puff in my own private space. I am pleased to say that I have been doing well so far and I will continue with this good habit. I have an exercise mat and 2kg weights, but you can always find plenty of workout videos where weights aren’t required. No excuses.

I used to bake all the time when I lived with my parents. My specialities were chicken pie and apple pie – their favourite requests – but it was the last thing on my mind when I became allergic to dairy. However, I have been revisiting baking, which is a whole different ball game when you’re trying to eliminate inflammatory ingredients, but worthwhile when you get it right. I have made dairy-free snack bars (see this post here), french toast and chocolate chip cookies. The cookies didn’t turn out how I wanted because I couldn’t find the right flour thanks to all the panic buyers, but they were still delicious and my husband loved them. Now is the time for me to get experimental with meals for lunch and dinner, and to master a vegan chocolate cake 😋.

The world is constantly evolving and if you are not investing in yourself, you will be left behind. NOW is the time for me to learn something new, especially as my 2020 plans involve bettering myself financially. I am going to use this phase to acquire whatever I need for my career, but also to develop beauty skills such as braiding my own hair. Now that we are all being forced out of our comfort zones, we might as well take the plunge.

I don’t like to leave things unfinished, and there is a book sitting on my windowsill that has been untouched for a while. I plan to finish it, which shouldn’t take me too long, but I also need to continue reading. It is one of the best ways to improve your writing, so I had better get my share of books in.

These are just a few things that I am committed to doing during this time. I will also be connecting with loved ones online, cleaning and decluttering, amongst other things. Let us use this time as an opportunity to thrive and come out stronger.

What will you all be doing during lockdown?

Mich x


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