Lessons I’ve Learnt in 2020

What a year! Half the time I just wanted to throw it in the bin. No doubt the memes that have circulated the Internet about 2020 have kept you entertained. I have truly laughed.

Although throwing 2020 away seems reasonable, that’s not the mentality I have chosen to adopt. Sure, it won’t be my most favoured year, but I guess the L’s I’ve turned into lessons will be what has made it somewhat worthwhile (I say ‘worthwhile’ with a tight lip).

Lesson 1: You can make plans, but you have no clue what will happen tomorrow

I’m aware that life can change in a heartbeat; I just don’t think I’ve seen it happen as quickly as it did in 2020. After ushering in the New Year, I quit my job and left at the start of February. One month later, we’re in lockdown and life has changed completely. All the plans I’d made seemed an afterthought as the world lived from day to day, trying to cope with the panic of running out of toilet paper, having to face their partner’s every waking moment rather than only in the evening after a usual working day, and more seriously, the very real threat of an increasing death rate. This put into perspective just how fickle life truly is and helped me to reassess what I define as important.

Lesson 2: You can still find happiness in the little things

I had to do this for my own sanity otherwise, like I said, I would have thrown 2020 in the bin. I saw a friend’s post on Instagram where she had used an old jar to create a ‘happy jar’, storing any good thing that happens in it, whether great or small. I decided do the same at the start of the year and called it my ‘achievements jar’. You can read about that here. I’ve been faithfully putting in anything worth remembering and on 31st December, I will read them to remind myself that good things did still happen.

Lesson 3: There will always be distractions; hold on to your faith

Many things happened this year on top of the burden of the virus. There was just so much going on, but I chose to keep my eyes on the only One who can see me through life in one piece. I was dependent on God throughout the year and I can only thank Him that I am still here to see it end. If it wasn’t for Him, I honestly would have lost it. I had many trials and I felt like I was being pressed on all sides. Sometimes, the weight of just not knowing made my brain hurt. But I ran to God in my dark moments and held on to Him in the calm times. Not for one second did I let go, and He kept me through it all. People will say what they want, do what they want, and they are free to do so. Everyone has been given freedom of choice. I choose to look to Jesus, no matter what others decide to do with their free will. It hasn’t failed me and I doubt it ever will.

Lesson 1: It’s the simple things

‘Quarantine birthday’ = a new phrase that was coined this year and I’m grateful to have had one. It is one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had. It was so simple. I had a homemade chocolate cake and my brother and sister-in-law came round (we were able to meet with another household at that time) and we had a barbecue. I’m a foodie so the only thing that matters to me on my birthday is having cake, and all I ever want to do is eat. I treasured the simplicity of the day. I later went to visit my parents in Luton and we did the same thing – just ate. Perfection. No hassle or organising this or that, just easy and effortless. I will make an effort for my 30th though haha. Milestone after all…

There are many things that 2020 has taught me, but these four points would have to be paramount.

What lessons have you learnt this year?

Mich x


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