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All Things Rose – Hydrating Face Mask

How is everyone doing? I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. It is a very strange time but we will get through it. I’m just annoyed at how sunny it has been over the past week when…


What I Will Be Doing During Lockdown

By now, you are aware that the UK is on lockdown. We are all trying to adjust to this new and unfamiliar time, where our movement is very restricted. I don’t know about you, but it is in moments like…


Find Reasons to Smile

There is no doubt that no matter where you are when you read this, you are aware of the current pandemic. It is a time of uncertainty and confusion for all. Times like these tend to bring out the best…


Cashew Nut and Chocolate Chip Snack Bars – Vegan/Dairy-free

Do you know how hard it is to be that girl – the girl who is always singing the same tune? “Could I have this without cheese?” or “do you have any dairy-free options?” It can’t be helped but repeating…


Fine Dining at Crazy Bear Fitzrovia

I have been to Crazy Bear Fitzrovia twice in the space of two months. Both times were for birthday dinners, 😂 but I didn’t mind because each occasion was special and spent with good friends. Crazy Bear serves Thai food,…


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