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Dairy-free Discovery: The Coconut Collaborative

I’ve been led to find dairy alternatives out of necessity. When my body rejected milk, I found oat milk. When I began to crave ice cream, I needed something just as sweet to satisfy my craving. Now different circumstances forced…


What I Wore for Easter Sunday

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you enjoyed the four-day weekend away from work, and the beautiful weather that we were graced with in London. I know I did. 😄 I spent the majority of the weekend commemorating the real reason…


The Facial Wash That Cleared My Spots

I was the kind of girl that didn’t know what it meant to have spots or acne all throughout secondary school, college and uni – emphasis on the ‘was‘. I never really had to deal with any unwanted face inhabitants…


The Little Things

I adore spring – the delicate pink and white blossom that is blown about in the wind; waking up to the sun streaming through the window; warmer, longer days and leaving work when the sun is still shining. Yes, there’s…


Just Do It!

This post was supposed to come yesterday, but I was sipping on lime, ginger and honey teas, taking multiple naps and trying to nurse myself back to good health. So, I’m going to say ‘Happy Tuesday’. The working week starts…


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