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Pearl Love

Pearls can sometimes have not-so-positive connotations, especially when we think of pearl necklaces – does mature and matronly ring a bell? However, they can be elegant and youthful depending on how you wear them, and it seems pearls are being…


Staycation: De Vere Latimer Estate

In the beautiful land of Buckinghamshire is a magnificent estate where dreams are made of. Peaceful, isolated, restful dreams that can be found in De Vere Latimer Estate – a mansion house surrounded by countryside and greenery. It is heavenly.…


My Updated Skincare Routine – Day & Night

I must admit, I can be a skincare junkie, particularly for my face. I first showed my skincare routine on the blog last year, but have since updated it. In fact, I use completely different products altogether. So here it…


Avo-obsessed in Avobar

A restaurant fixated on avocado, with the superfood featuring in almost every item on the menu? Sounds like an avo-enthusiast’s dream. I don’t claim to be in love with the fruit, but in recent days I’ve realised its benefits to…


Dairy-free Discovery: The Coconut Collaborative

I’ve been led to find dairy alternatives out of necessity. When my body rejected milk, I found oat milk. When I began to crave ice cream, I needed something just as sweet to satisfy my craving. Now different circumstances forced…


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