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The Little Things

I adore spring – the delicate pink and white blossom that is blown about in the wind; waking up to the sun streaming through the window; warmer, longer days and leaving work when the sun is still shining. Yes, there’s…


Just Do It!

This post was supposed to come yesterday, but I was sipping on lime, ginger and honey teas, taking multiple naps and trying to nurse myself back to good health. So, I’m going to say ‘Happy Tuesday’. The working week starts…


Dairy-free Discoveries: Vegan Cornetto

I spoke too soon about not being to eat Cornetto. In my previous dairy-free discoveries post, I mentioned that Cornetto is my favourite brand of ice cream. I just love the hazelnuts and chocolate on top, the crispy wafer cone…


Run at Your Own Pace

One of two things happen when you see others do well. You either become motivated or anxious. Both of these feelings lead you to take actions, but one is for the right reason and the other is done with the…


The Casual Valentine’s Look

For Valentine’s Day this year, I went for a casual look. I didn’t want to overdo it with the red, so I kept it lighthearted with only tints of colour in my accessories. I love the white shirt and denim…


A Valentine’s Meal at Melange

Hey everyone! I know that Valentine’s Day is over, but I wanted to share what I got up to last Thursday. I would have been very happy with staying in – I’m such a homebody. My husband and I aren’t…


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