Believe in your beauty

Happy Monday everyone! What did you all get up to over the weekend? I went to a wedding on Saturday and it was simply beautiful. I was truly happy for the couple because it had been a long journey to finding each other, but God blessed them greatly.

Today’s quote:

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.”

When a woman is physically attractive it cannot be denied. But have you ever seen a beautiful woman who only speaks filth, nonsense or negativity when she opens her mouth? I believe that ruins everything—I can no longer see how flawless her skin is or notice her perfectly chiseled jawline because for me, beauty isn’t just about how attractive you are on the outside, but who you are on the inside and your attitude.

Of course, if said woman is gorgeous and a sweetheart, then she is well and truly blessed, but back to my point about your internal beauty.

You may not be drop-dead gorgeous, but as long as you believe in your beauty through your own eyes, and don’t base it on how other people see you, then you will exude beauty in the form of self-confidence. You will walk with your head held high and won’t care what beauty is according to the media, magazines and trends. You are one of a kind. And you are beautiful, but you have to believe it. Attitude is everything.

Have a wonderful day.

Mich x




    • 15/05/2017 / 5:27 PM

      Aww that is so beautiful. Thank you so much. xoxo

    • 16/05/2017 / 8:35 PM

      Me too! To me, they are truly attractive. Thnak you for reading 😊

  1. Miri
    16/05/2017 / 9:00 PM

    Hi Mich,
    I could not agree more! The quote is so right. I believe that we emanate what we believe we are. Don’t you think?

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