From Selfie to Self-Expression

On 20 May, Mr. Sun decided to come out to play. It was a perfect day to visit the From Selfie to Self-Expression Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, which I discovered on The Londonder. Unfortunately, the exhibition ended on 28 May. That’s the great thing about blogs. You can discover all these awesome places to go, places that you wouldn’t have usually known about until you do a little reading.
I asked my friend to join me, and off we set the next free Saturday we had to view some art, which we are both a fan of.
The From Selfie to Self-Expression Exhibition is a play on the selfie generation, and combines the old with the new. It plays on the concept that people have been taking selfies since back in the day, in the form of portraits.
The lined strokes in this portrait by ALO reminded me of pointillism, developed by Georges Seurat. He used small dots to create a bigger picture.


A portrait by ALO

This was the CCTV room. As soon as you walk into this gallery, the cameras zoom in on your face, what you are doing, and your proximity to other people in the room, so that it can be seen by all on the walls. It’s a big reminder that we are constantly being watched.
This room was so interesting. Portraits of famous artists were displayed on large screens with the same images on phones next to them in the form of Instagram posts. You were able to ‘like’ the post, and it tallied up to how many people had liked the image.

Van Gogh


Frieda Kahlo

Some famous selfies.
A random wax work of a man with a gun. There was actually no explanation as to why this was here.
The first ever selfie. Look at that box camera!
I love photography.
This metal sculpture looks like a random blend of twigs, vines, skulls and rodents. But with the light shining on it, its shadow reveals…
…this! A head with two faces.
Time went by so quickly that we could hardly believe it when we were kicked out of the gallery at 6pm. We headed to Covent Garden to get a bite to eat.
After settling down to a greasy burger and crimped chips at the Shake Shack, we opted to get dessert at a cosy french cafe called Chez Antoinette. We both went for the homemade apple crumble, mine sans a dollop of cream. And still, it was delicioso. The crumble was crunchy, yet soft (is that even possible?) and the apple was moist; not too sour and not too sweet. It was just right, as Goldilocks would say.
I really enjoyed myself and aim to plan more trips with my artsy-farsty friend, because she’s the only one who will go with me.
Have a fab day!

Mich x




    • 14/06/2017 / 8:16 AM

      Haha yes! Definitely go check it out. I find art to be therapeutic 😊

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