Dairy-free Discoveries: Cashew Nut Butter

Welcome to another Dairy-free Discoveries post. And the dairy-free find I’ve been loving lately is…

…Cashew Nut Butter!

I love peanut butter. I used to eat it a lot when I was younger, but I am now allergic to peanuts and a few tree nuts, including pecans, walnuts and especially almonds.
It was a friend who discovered this cashew nut butter for me. I was so happy because cashews are one of the few nuts that I love and can still eat with no reactions.


As you can see, I’ve almost finished it

The consistency, unfortunately, isn’t as smooth as peanut butter. It is hard to spread and the taste isn’t as intense, but this is because it contains half the sugars that peanut butter does. Despite these cons, I am enjoying having an alternative.
My favourite way to eat cashew nut butter is with sliced banana on bread/toast. It is filling and a great substitute for those who suffer with peanut allergies.
This small pot is £4.69 which is expensive for its size. However, you can find larger tubs – like the Meridian brand – which should be worth the price you’re paying for it.
Have you tried cashew nut butter? If you haven’t, would you? Now that I have, I’m not looking back.
Look out for December’s Dairy-free Discoveries post.

Mich x


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    • 12/11/2018 / 4:37 PM

      I hope you do! Thank you for always reading Vanessa! ❤️😘

    • 14/11/2018 / 8:50 AM

      It is! I’m sure you’ll like it 😊

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