Fine Dining at Crazy Bear Fitzrovia

I have been to Crazy Bear Fitzrovia twice in the space of two months. Both times were for birthday dinners, πŸ˜‚ but I didn’t mind because each occasion was special and spent with good friends.

Crazy Bear serves Thai food, one of my favourite cuisines. The menu is pricey but that is to be expected for fine dining. Both times, we had the ten-plate sharing menu with 2-3 plates served at a time.

The tiger prawn tempura and chicken satay were one of my favourite parts of the meal. The prawn batter was deliciously crispy and the chicken was just right and well flavoured! I just think it’s a shame that you only get one piece per person. I could definitely have done with one… or two… more πŸ˜‰.

I found the duck salad quite odd, mostly because of the horrible smell that it gave off. It was also cold – yes, I know “salad” usually signifies that it won’t be heated, but I wonder if that’s what gave it the unpleasant smell. Both times I only ate a little. The cashew nuts were more appetising to be honest πŸ˜•.

The last “starter” plate was the steamed har gau dumplings. I have always known that I am not a fan of dumplings just by looking at them haha. On our first visit to the restaurant, I was served these blue dumplings to cater to my dairy allergy, which was very thoughtful, but the second time I was not. It didn’t even make a difference because after trying the normal ones on the second visit, I didn’t react to them. Still, I didn’t like the consistency of the dumplings. They were too slimey and I thought they tasted quite plain. The ones ate had a vegetable filling.

Next, we were on to the better half of the meal. The lamb cutlets were seasoned well, and not as chewy the second time as they were the first, which I preferred. These were served with beansprouts and choy sum, which resembles tenderstem broccoli but with a thicker stem.

The beef panang curry was my second favourite dish on the menu. I cannot get enough of curry, especially one as sweet as this. It was so good and no dairy included, as a main ingredient used in Thai cooking is coconut milk. If you like red and green thai curry, then you will like this. I found it weird that it had grapes in it, but other than that, it was delicious. I am currently striving to cut down on my carb intake but you cannot not pass on having some good panang without the classic steamed jasmine rice. We were given a small bowl to share between two people.

I didn’t enjoy the steamed sea bass fillets, because I prefer my fish fried and with a tougher consistency than what we were served. It was too soft and once again, slimey for my liking.

Although I would give Crazy Bear an overall 5.5 out of ten just based on the ten-plate menu, I was satisfied by the end of the meal. I believe this is because you are served the portions that you should be eating, regardless of the fact that you are sharing with 2-4 people. However, I would go back to try the a la carte menu as there is more variety, and I kept admiring the food other people had ordered around us.

Mich x



  1. voguefauxreal
    23/01/2020 / 6:40 PM

    I love reading your reviews of restaurants – you’re so very honest about what you’ve loved and what you haven’t. While I may never get to experience dining at Crazy Bear, I’m sure similar food items are on the menu at Thai restaurants around the world and it’s good to know what to maybe avoid.


    • michjoseph
      08/02/2020 / 9:06 AM

      Thank you! And you’re right! Thai restaurants do tend to have similar menu items, so you can always have an idea of what you’re going to get no matter where you go 😊

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