Proofreading Services

Hello all!

I am venturing into the world of freelancing and wish to put my skills to good use. After all, one source of income is really no source of income (I’m sure I’ve heard that somewhere haha). Content is important to me and I am the kind of person that takes pride in it reading well and without mistakes. So, if you need a proofreader to scrutinise and perfect your dissertation, essay, short story, presentation, leaflet and more, send me an email at Prices can always be negotiated.

Thank you!

Client feedback:

“Michelle has proofread my work for over two years now. The service she provided was brilliant. She proofread 1000-3000 words of assignment for me, which was completed efficiently and punctually. Michelle is always happy to help and responds instantly to any questions that may arise. Having used her for over two years, I would highly recommend her. Thank you Michelle for your brilliant service and support throughout my undergraduate and postgraduate studies.” (S.F, Luton)

“Michelle’s service was definitely 10/10. I didn’t give her much time to go over my work before it was due. However, she attended to it and got it back to me ASAP, and I received a ‘first’ on the work she looked over! She sure has an eye for detail and a creative mind because the things she picked up on and brought to my attention was amazing. Proofreading is definitely advisable, especially from someone else.” (J.N, London)

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